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九州大学 情報基盤研究開発センター 研究用計算機システムニュース   No.529




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   7月7日(木) 10:00~17:00
   7月8日(金) 10:00~17:00
   [7/7 Ansys プリ入門トレーニング(SpaceClaim コース)]
   Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler と Ansys Meshing を使ったプリ処理の
   ・Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler の概要
   ・3D ジオメトリの作成
   ・CAD の取り込み、簡略化とクリーンアップ
   ・Ansys Meshing の概要
   [7/8 Ansys Fluent入門トレーニング]
   Ansys Fluent を使った流体解析の基本操作を習得していただくためのトレ
   CFD 解析の基本手順などについても、ご説明いたします。
   ・Ansys Fluent、Ansys CFD-Post の基本的な入出力操作
   ・Ansys Fluent の機能紹介


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Kyushu University RIIT Supercomputer News  No.529 (2022.06.06)

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1. ANSYS Training Seminar

Online training sessions will be held as follows.

    * Please refer to the application URL at the end of this article for application.

[ANSYS Training Seminar]
Date: 2 days
   Thursday, July 7, 10:00-17:00
   Friday, July 8, 10:00-17:00
Participants: Kyushu University members who have an ITO account
(Kyushu University constituents: Students, faculty and staff affiliated with Kyushu University, and those participating in Kyushu University projects)
Location: Online (webex)
Contents: (with hands-on practice)

   [7/7 Ansys Pre-Introductory Training (SpaceClaim Course)
   This training is designed for participants to learn basic pre-processing operations using Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler and Ansys Meshing.
   This training is designed to help you master the basic operations of pre-processing using Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler and Ansys Meshing.
   In this training, you will learn how to create and edit an analysis domain, generate a hexa mesh, generate a tetra and prismatic mesh, and create a tetra and prismatic mesh.
   This training includes lectures and exercises on creating and editing analysis regions, hexa mesh generation, tetra and prismatic mesh generation, and mesh editing, to help you master the basic workflow.
   The goal of this training is for participants to master the basic workflow.
   Lecture Topics
   Overview of Ansys SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
   User interface
   Creating 3D geometry
   CAD import, simplification and cleanup
   Overview of Ansys Meshing
   User Interface
   Mesh sizing
   Tetra mesh generation
   Hexa mesh generation
   [7/8 Ansys Fluent Introductory Training]
   This is a training course to learn the basic operations of fluid analysis using Ansys Fluent.
   This training is designed to help you master the basic operations of fluid analysis using Ansys Fluent.
   In this training, you will learn modeling precautions, basic procedures for CFD analysis, etc. through several exercises.
   This training also explains the basic procedures of CFD analysis through several exercises.
   Lecture Topics
   Basic input/output operations of Ansys Fluent and Ansys CFD-Post
   Introduction of Ansys Fluent functions
   Solver settings, physical properties, and boundary conditions
   Turbulence model, heat transfer, rotating machinery

Deadline: Thursday, June 23

PC environment requirements for practical training: Windows 10 or higher
Windows 10 or higher *Practitioners who do not have Windows 10 or higher will only be able to attend the lecture.

Please access the following URL, fill in the required items, and send it to us.
Please enter the information of the PC you plan to use in order to issue the license file necessary for the practical training.
 If you only wish to attend the lecture, please indicate so in the remarks column.
The personal information entered will be used only for administrative purposes related to the seminar.

[Inquiries to:]
HPC Office, Information Management Division, Kyushu University
 Mail: request(at)iii.kyushu-u.ac.jp *(at) is replaced by @.