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九州大学 情報基盤研究開発センター 研究用計算機システムニュース   No.535




 2023年 4月~翌年 2月 現行システムのサービス提供
 2024年 3月~同年 6月 システム更新のためサービス停止(ファイルアクセスは可能)
 2024年 7月~     次期システムサービス開始



九州大学 情報統括本部 HPC事業室
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Kyushu University RIIT Supercomputer News  No.535 (2022.07.28)

        RIIT Supercomputer System Web

1. Future Operation of the ITO Supercomputer System 

Due to the recent international situation and the global shortage of semiconductors, we have found it difficult to procure the next system, which was scheduled to start operation in July 2023, according to the original renewal schedule. In order to minimize the service outage period associated with the system renewal, the operation period of the current system will be extended by 12 months to coincide with the procurement of the next system.

 [Future operation schedule]
 April 2023 - February 2024
   Service of the current system
 March 2024 - June 2024
   Service suspension due to system upgrades (file access is available)
 July  2024 - 
   Service for the next system will begin.

If you wish to continue using the current system in FY2023, please submit an application for use as before.
(A separate announcement will be made around January 2023 regarding the details of the application.)

Please note that due to accounting procedures at the end of the fiscal year, we will not be able to accept applications for use of the system in March 2023, and therefore will not provide calculation services as originally planned.

[Inquiries to:]
HPC Office, Information Management Division, Kyushu University
 Mail: request(at)iii.kyushu-u.ac.jp *(at) is replaced by @.